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Terms of Service for Global Health Spectrum


  • Overview of the services provided by Global Health Spectrum and the purpose of the Terms of Service.

User Agreement

  • Statement that by using the website, the user agrees to these terms.

Service Description

  • Detailed description of the services offered, including health tourism facilitation and consultancy.

User Responsibilities

  • Outline of user obligations, including accuracy of information provided and compliance with local laws.

Intellectual Property Rights

  • Statement on the ownership of the content on the website.

Limitations of Liability

  • Limitation of Global Health Spectrum’s liability regarding service use and information accuracy.

User Privacy

  • Reference to the Privacy Policy for details on data handling.

Amendments to Terms

  • Statement on how and when the terms may be updated.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

  • Information on the governing law and jurisdiction for legal disputes.

Contact Information

  • How users can contact Global Health Spectrum for queries or concerns.