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Dt. Hüseyin Çetin

Kordon Dent Karşıyaka, Izmir, Turkey

Dr. Hüseyin Çetin, Esteemed Pioneer in Aesthetic Dentistry and Founder of KordonDent Karşıyaka

30 years of experience

KordonDent Karşıyaka was founded by the visionary Dr. Hüseyin Çetin, a renowned dentist. Since earning his degree from the Dentistry Faculty at Ege University in 1989, Dr. Çetin has worked for more than thirty years, becoming a prominent figure in the aesthetic dentistry community. His breadth of knowledge in various dental specialties demonstrates his strong commitment to providing complete oral health care.

Dr. Çetin is a master cosmetic dentist who specializes in producing bespoke laminate veneers, teeth whitening procedures, and transformational smile makeovers. In addition, he specializes in treating gummy smile issues and offers superior crowns and bridges that balance functionality and aesthetics.

His expertise also extends to orthodontics, where he uses the most recent advancements in orthodontic treatment methods to attain ideal alignment and dental health.

Dr. Çetin is skilled in tooth replacement and restoration as a prosthodontist. His expertise lies in advanced crown and bridge work, as well as dental implants and prostheses, which enable patients to restore their teeth’s full functionality and cosmetic appeal.

He has expertise in endodontics and can do accurate root canal procedures, which demonstrates his dedication to maintaining natural teeth and avoiding dental problems.

Dr. Çetin’s general dentistry experience covers a wide spectrum of patient needs, including basic dental fillings, preventive treatment, and overall oral health management.

His expertise in periodontics also encompasses periodontal scaling, which is concerned with the condition of the gums and the tooth’s supporting tissues.

In addition to his clinical expertise, Dr. Çetin is renowned for his commitment to lifelong learning. He has taken part in multiple courses and group projects in Turkey as well as outside, especially in the US. His comprehensive approach to patient care ensures that each patient receives individualized treatment and care by fusing cutting-edge technology with kind service.

Dr. Hüseyin Çetin is a reputable name in the profession, especially for those looking for comprehensive and cutting-edge dental care in Turkey, because of his dedication to dental perfection.

Dr. Hüseyin Çetin's main specialty is in aesthetic dentistry. He is particularly skilled in cosmetic procedures, including smile makeovers, teeth whitening, and laminate veneers, as well as dental implants and crowns & bridges.

Dr. Hüseyin Çetin has been practicing dentistry since 1989, giving him over three decades of experience in the field. He has extensive experience in both clinical and academic aspects of dentistry, and has participated in various advanced courses and group studies internationally.

Dr. Hüseyin Çetin receives his patients at KordonDent Karşıyaka, a dental clinic located in Izmir. The clinic is equipped with modern facilities and offers a comfortable environment for various dental treatments.

Yes, Dr. Hüseyin Çetin offers online consultation. Patients can avail this service for initial discussions, treatment planning, or follow-up appointments, especially beneficial for international patients or those unable to visit the clinic in person.

Dr. Hüseyin Çetin is recognized for establishing KordonDent Karşıyaka and leading it to become a prominent dental clinic in Turkey. His key achievements include pioneering in various advanced dental treatments and maintaining high patient satisfaction rates. He is also commended for his commitment to continuous learning and application of the latest dental technologies and techniques.

Dr. Hüseyin Çetin is fluent in both English and Turkish. This bilingual ability allows him to effectively communicate with a diverse range of patients, both domestically and internationally.


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