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Dt. Hasan Çetin

Kordon Dent Alsancak, Izmir, Turkey

Meet Dr. Hasan Çetin, the visionary behind KordonDent Alsancak and a leading figure in aesthetic dentistry.

30 years of experience

Born in 1966, Dr. Hasan Çetin began his dental career after completing his study at Izmir Atatürk Lisesi and Izmir Özel Türk Koleji. He graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry at Ege University in 1989 with honors.

Dr. Çetin traveled to the United States in 1991 and 1992 to undertake research and development in the field of dentistry, driven by a desire for knowledge and creativity.

After his return from the US in 1993, he opened a dental business in Izmir Kordon, where he is still in private practice today. His establishment of KordonDent Ağız ve Diş Sağlığı Polikliniği in 2012 is evidence of his dedication to improving dental treatment.

Because of his commitment to quality, Dr. Çetin has taken part in several dental courses and group initiatives both locally and abroad. His areas of specialization include Dental Aesthetics and Implantology, both of which he continues to contribute significantly to.

Reputably skilled in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Çetin focuses on producing personalized laminate veneers, expert teeth whitening treatments, and remarkable smile makeovers. In addition, he treats cases of gummy smiles and provides excellent crowns and bridges that perfectly combine form and function.

Utilizing the most recent orthodontic methods, Dr. Çetin, an orthodontic specialist, ensures the best possible alignment and dental health.

He is a master in the field of prosthodontics, specializing in sophisticated crown and bridge treatment, dental implants, and prosthetics that restore patients’ teeth to their optimal functional and aesthetic state.

His expertise in endodontics guarantees accurate root canal treatments, demonstrating his dedication to maintaining natural teeth and averting dental problems.

With his vast experience in general dentistry, Dr. Hasan Çetin can handle a variety of patient needs, such as routine dental fillings, preventive care, and general management of oral health.

In addition, Dr. Çetin is skilled in periodontics, which includes periodontal scrubbing to preserve gum health and supporting tooth tissues.


Dr. Hasan Çetin specializes in cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, and implantology.

Dr. Hasan Çetin has over 30 years of experience in the field of dentistry, with a strong focus on aesthetic dentistry, implantology, and oral surgery.

Dr. Hasan Çetin sees patients at KordonDent Alsancak, located in Izmir, Turkey.

Yes, Dr. Hasan Çetin offers online consultations, providing patients with the convenience of virtual dental consultations.

Dr. Hasan Çetin is renowned for his contributions to aesthetic dentistry and implantology. He has participated in numerous dental courses and group projects, both nationally and internationally, and is recognized for his commitment to dental excellence.

Proficiency in both English and Turkish allows Dr. Hasan Çetin to communicate effectively with wide variety of patients.


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